Test your App

Test your App via APK file

After setting up your app with all the needed features, you need to test it before the final step. Go to the Build page and choose Test your App (APK), then click "Build".

build APK

When your status says Success, that means you're ready to download your APK file via two options:

download APK

You can scan the QR code or download it as a file and transfer it to your device manually

QR or Download

The QR code will direct you to nandbox’s app download page. A warning message will pop up; as your app is unrecognizable for your device as it’s still not listed in the Google Store, you can ignore the message and click Install anyway.

Please note that only nandbox website users will see this message.

install app

After installing and opening your app, you may also receive a security check message as your app is unrecognizable, so again, ignore the message, click Don’t send, and now you’re ready for testing.

don't send

Bundle Generation and Saving

In order to generate a bundle, you need to fill out your 'Company Details' first. Click 'Setup'


Add your brand name and company name. If you have a website, you must include it in order for the deep link to be generated. This section is required because it relates to Chat Groups. The deep link step assists users in mentioning each other by name in a group conversation if your app has a chat group feature.

company details

If you don't have a web page, you can use any random URL to generate a deep link like this:

deep link generation

And don't forget to click 'Save.


Now you need to set up your Android information.

Android setup

The app name will be automatically included because it was entered under the section for your brand name. If you already have the app icon and app icon background on your branding page, they will be uploaded automatically; if not, remember to upload them along with your notification icon. The package ID is your app URL on the Google Play Store; it will be generated by default, but if you have your own package ID, you can add it.

Please note that once you added your package ID, you cannot modify it again if you generated a bundle.

And don't forget to save.

Android iformation

After finishing your testing process and filling in the previous information, generate the Bundle of your app on the nandbox dashboard and save it to later upload to your Google Play Console account.

bundle generation