My Calendar

My Calendar

The My Calendar module displays the list of events that the user accepted the invitation to.


You can install this module in your app in the following places:

  • App's Home Menu ✓
  • App's Side Menu ✓

You can find the My Calendar modules in the Booking & Events category. Click or drag and drop the module into your home or side menu to install it.

my calendar


This module can be duplicated in several sections in your app. ✓

Main Features

Sync with System Calendar

A feature that allows the app to access the device's calendar and sync with it so that it displays the events joined and bookings made by users on the corresponding dates.

my calendar


1.) Once you have installed the module by clicking or dragging and dropping it in the home or side menu,


You can rename the module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it. Click the "Configure" button to open the settings of the module.

my calendar module

2.) This displays the feature where the events sync with the system calendar.


Module Walkthrough

Creating a New Event

1.) From the left admin menu, click 'Events'.


2.) Click on "Create" to create a new event.


3.) Enter the details of the event as follows:

  • Event's image
  • Title, description, and location (Once you type in the location, Google Maps will automatically detect it.)
  • Choose if your event will run the whole day or not.
  • If your event is not running the whole day, you can set the start time and the end time of the event.
  • Select the time zone.
event details

You can also assign a filter so that the event can come up in the search results under the filter that you select. Here's how to create one.

search filter

When you are done, click Save.

After saving, the payment section will pop up. Choose the price of your event and the currency.

payment settings

Once your users join the event, multiple payment gateways will pop up:

event's payment gateways

The QR code displayed will allow users to access the event once it is scanned. You can also share the event via Facebook, Twitter, or the invitation link.

QR&invitational links

You will also have the option to assign admins to this event; click the + icon.

assign admin

Choose the user you want to assign as an admin for your event, then click 'Add'.

add admin

After finishing everything, click 'Save'


Publishing an Event

After you're done with creating the event, you can publish it by copying the invite link and publishing it in the Newsfeed module, a chat group, or a channel.

QR&invitational links

And the event will look like this:

event view

Creating a New Calendar

Note that any event created in the calendar will be repeated every week.

1.) From the admin menu, click on 'Calendars'.


2.) Click create to create a new calendar.


3.) Edit the details of the calendar event:

  • Set your calendar's image, title and description
  • Set the starting and the ending time of your event

Then click 'Next'

calendar details

4.) You will be prompted with the following screen.

available days

Here you can set the holidays.

setting holidays

Then you can select the available day; set the schedule of the event for each day of the week.

So, for example, if your event will last for a couple of days, you can set what will happen each day in detail:

  • Add your class/ event image
  • Working hours (class/ event duration)
  • Title and description for the specified event/ class.
event details

If you have another event/ class that will run on the same day but different class and time, click the plus icon to add another slot.

add another slot

Enter the details of the second class/ event.

another slot details

Continue selecting the days you want your classes/ events will run on, and when you are done click 'Save'.

save calendar

Check out our posting feature to learn how to post a created event or calendar.