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nandbox gives you an array of free templates to choose from. Our team has specifically designed these templates with the utmost care and precision to make sure that they fit the functionality and purpose of the app that you want to create.

Choose a replica of the major apps on the market and have their functionalities in your app with a click of a button!

We have separated the templates into different sections:

Templates to build a fast, reliable, and secure native messenger, connect people through instant text and media messages, crisp and clear video and audio calling, publish your events, and create groups that can hold up to 50,000 members!

Templates include Line, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Festivais, Skype, Signal and Gem4me.


Templates to build an education app, offer educational exercises, provide informative video tutorials, announce your educational content, and create a world-class learning platform for everyone! It’s about time you made learning fun!

Templates include School, Online courses, Education and BBC Learning English.


3.) Music and Arts Apps

Templates to create a fully native music or art app that allows users to interact with upcoming artistic events! announce new albums and artists, create discography and connect your community through your feeds!

Templates include Sculpture Art, Photography, Musician, Music, and Discover melody.

Music and art

Templates to build a sports app and make your club chants echo to your supporters wherever they are! Update your supporters with the latest club news, stream the highlights, and connect with them via Messenger!

Templates include BBC Sports.

sports and fitness

Templates to build an e-commerce app and bring your products to customers wherever they are! Keep your customers updated with the latest product arrivals, showcase your inventory, provide several payment gateways and connect with them via Messenger for seamless shopping experiences!

Templates include Amazon, H&M, Electronics, Yodawy, Capsule, Music Store, eBay, Shopping App, Beauty Cosmetics, Nordstrom, Al-Hajj, Sculpture Art, Jewelry Store, Men's App, Gem4me and Beaty Store.

e-commerce 1 down arrow e-commerce 2

6.) News Apps

Templates to build a news app and a full-featured native news app! Update your users with the latest news, videos of breaking news, and dedicated channels for fresh updates on various topics.

Templates include BBC News.


7.) Travel Apps

Templates to build a full-featured native travel adventure app, spread your content with the workflow feature, a full booking system to buy your trip ticket, and multiple payment gateways for quick and easy payment collection!

Templates include Al-Hajj and Travel App.


8.) Restaurant Apps

Templates to build a perfect food app for all food lovers! showcase your menu through workflow, offer recipes to consumers through videos, table reservation and start sharing new unique recipes via premium channels!

Templates include Green Food and Alimentos App.


9.) Small Business Apps

Templates to build an interactive service booking native app, create GPS-located events, a newsfeed for announcements and discounted services, collect payments using world-class gateways like PayPal and Stripe, and workflow to organize your app content and services and content spreading on pages!

Templates include Amazon, Pet Service, Discover melody, Electronics, Yodawy, Music Store, eBay, Nordstrom, Car service, Snow removal, Medical, Sculpture Art, Festivais, Home Service, Photography, Music, Public Figure, Jewelry Store, Real Estate, Barbershop and MEN's App

small business 1 down arrow small business 2 down arrow small business 3

10.) Blank Apps

Templates to choose the layout of your app and where the navigation menu is displayed on both Android and iOS devices


Once you choose a template, all the details of this template will be displayed.

template details

When you are ready to start with a template, click 'Start with this Template'.

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