A Bot is a program you can chat with. It responds back to messages and events or you can integrate your Bot with a third-party.

In this documentation you will have a definitive guide on how to install the module, how Bots work, Bot search index and Bot features for nandbox app builder.


You can install the 'Groups' and the 'Chat Group' module in your App in the following places:

  • App's Home Menu ✓

  • App's Side Menu ✓

    1.) You can find the chatbot module in the social category.


2.) Drag and drop the module into your home or side menu to install them.xx

chatbot drag and drop

3.) Click on the gear icon to configure it's setting.


4.) Since the module plays a bot container role, click +Add to assign a Bot.


5.) Choose a bot or create a new one, then click Insert.

assign bot

6.) You can check all the Bot's features and how it can serve your users.


7.) And don't forget to click Save after you finish the configuration.