Entertain your audience with interactive content and keep them posted with the latest updates while receiving their feedback privately. Channels allow you to post messages, images, videos, and files, with the option of targeting and segmentation. With unlimited subscribers to each channel, you can include multiple channels on your app to deliver diverse content on each one of them.


There are three modules included:

1.) Active Channels: Show the channels that the user is active on.

2.) My Channels: Show the channels that the user is subscribed to.

3.) Channel List: Displays the list of all channels that are available on the app.

These modules are the best to use if you want to build a Community App.


You can install these modules in your app in the following places:

  • App's Home Menu ✓
  • App's Side Menu ✓

You can find the channel modules in the social category. Click or drag and drop the modules into your home or side menu to install them.

channels modules


This module can be duplicated in several sections in your app ✓

Main Features

The channel modules comprises 78 features, one of which is user-selectable.

  • Posting

You can post messages, images, videos, GIFs, and files to your different channels. You can also add segments and tags to your audience for targeted posts.

media with caption posting
  • Read Counter

Displays simple statistics for how many users viewed a post within its first two weeks; the bar also enables the users to engage with a post by adding a like, comment, or share. While the comment dashboard collects comments and displays them in a list for channel administrators.

  • Notifications

Notifications page that displays recent notifications, shows unread ones, and provides the ability to respond to different types of messages.

  • Link Metadata Fetching

Enables fetching metadata from a URL upon posting it on the channel.

link metadata fetching
  • Invitation QR Codes

For users to subscribe to your channel on your app by scanning QR codes.

QR code
  • Multiple Administrators

Allows you to assign multiple administrators to your channels.

  • Talk To Admin

for app users to chat directly and privately with the admin.

talk to admin
  • Ban Users

Allow administrators to kick out specific users from groups or channels created on your app.

ban member
  • In-App Sounds & Vibrations

For users to customize in-app app sounds, vibrations, and notification tones

In-App SoundsIn-App Channel Sounds


  • Active Channels:

    1.) Once you have installed the module by clicking or dragging and dropping it in the home or side menu,


You can rename the module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it. Click "configure" to open the settings of the module.

active channels configuration

2.) From the settings, you have the option to include ads in your app using the Google AdMob Module.

Note that you have to install Google AdMob Module first.

enable ads

Go to Channel Default to enable chat with admins, post footers, and the context menu.

3.) Choose your channel layout if you want a list or grid layout.

channels layout

4.) To configure the features, click on features.


And don't forget to save

  • My Channels:

    1.) Rename the module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it. Click "configure" to open it's settings.

my channels configuration

2.) From the settings, you have the option to include ads.

enable ads

3.) To configure the features, click on features. You can also choose if you want a comment dashboard for your channels.


Then click 'Save' after configuring your module.

Channel List Module:

1.) Rename the module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it. Click "configure" to open it's settings.

channel list configuration

2.) From the settings, you have the option to include ads.

enable ads

3.) To configure the features, click on features.

channel features

Then click 'Save' after configuring your module.

Complementary Modules

  • Map Search: You can include a location for your physical store; you can also include up to two other markers (buttons).

It's better to add these modules to your App's Side Menu

  • Active Channels: It shows the user which channels they are active on.
  • Channel List: It shows a list of your app's chat channels for users to join.

Module Walkthrough

Create a New Channel

1.) From the left admin menu, click channels.


2.) To create a new channel, click Create.


3.) A window will appear where you can enter your channel name and description.

channel details

4.) After saving, you can configure the rest of the options:

  • Splash Screen:

You can add a splash screen to your channel, which includes an image, title, and description. You can also change the button text and colors associated with it.

channel splash screen

A splash screen is an introductory graphical screen that shows an explanatory message when you first install an app. It can also be displayed when a user first enters a group or a channel.

Which will look something like this:

channel's splash screen
  • Ads, Location & Store:

By activating the toggle, you can add ads to your channel. You can also assign a location or a store.

channel setting
  • Payment Settings:

If you're enabling the subscription feature, this part is for you. Check out our guide for In-App subscriptions configuration.

  • Welcome Message:

You can also send a welcome message to your users when they join the channel; click 'Assign' and set it up.

welcome message

Create your welcome message to your members, then click 'Done'


Which will look like this:

  • Invitation links & QR code:

Users can also join a channel by scanning the QR code for your channel, or you can invite your users to join the channel through Twitter, Facebook, or by sending them a link to join.

QR+invitational links
  • Assign admins:

You can also assign admins to your channel; click the (+) icon

Choose the admins you want to assign, then click 'Add'

After finishing your channel's settings, don't forget to click 'Save'


Search Filters

You can also add a search filter under which this channel can come up.

Check out our Search documentation to figure out how to create search filters and assign them to a channel.

choose search filter

Linking Your Channel To A Location

You can link your channel to a location so that when users explore the map, they can find the certain location that you set, and they will be able to open your channel from there.

So let's say, for example, you own a couple of restaurants named Stay Healthy, and you have a channel where you post the latest recipes and meal pricing per restaurant branch. You can create a location per branch and assign them to their relatable channels by naming them 'Stay Healthy, including the location name, and when a customer searches Stay Healthy in the map, they will find the locations of your restaurant branches, and an action button will be displayed to open the channel of your restaurant.

Let’s see how to make this happen by checking out our Map Search documentation to figure out how to create locations and assign them to a channel

assign location


You can send posts to a channel from the app builder or your device, but in order to use the feature, you need to have admin privileges.

Posting From The App Builder

1.) On the top right-hand corner of the page, click 'My App' and select the channel you want to create a post in.

sub channels

2.) You will land on your channel's dashboard.

channel's dashboard

3.) From the admin menu, click 'Posts'.


4.) Click the 'Create Post' icon.

create post

5.) After you create your post, you'll find the (+) icon.

Check out this documentation to learn how to create a post.

(+) icon

6.) When you click on the (+) icon, you can choose to share your post on more than one channel or group. Select the channels or groups where you want the post to be submitted.

select elements

7.) Also, it has an extra option that lets you make a channel or group if you forget to do so and this post reminded you of that. Click on 'create a new'

create a new

and you'll get to the channel/group creation page directly.

create a channel upside down arrow create a chat group

8.) After you finish selecting your elements, click add

click add

9.) You'll find the channels or groups you assigned your posts to at the top.

element tabs

10.) Then click 'Send'

send post down arrow post submission

Posting From Your Mobile Device

In order to post, you need to assign yourself as an admin in this channel. When you open your app, make sure to know what username you used to create your profile and assign yourself as an admin to this channel.

1.) From the admin menu, click 'Users'.


2.) Click the three-dot icon and select 'Edit'.


3.) Click 'Add Role' and select 'Admin'.

admin role

4.) Go to the channels section, mark your channel, and then click 'Add'.

add channel

5.) Hover over the channel tab and click the ‘Edit’ icon.

click edit

6.) Choose 'admin', then click 'Save'.

choose admin

7.) Once added, click 'save'.


Now you can create a post on your device. Type anything in the box or attach any file or media and send it to your users.

post media down arrow posting

Note that you can always access your channel directly by clicking 'My Channel' in the admin menu, without the need to go back to your main app.

my channel