General App Settings

The app settings include the configuration for:

  • The splash screen, which is an introductory graphical screen that shows a welcome message when you first install an app, can also be displayed when a user first joins a group or a channel.
  • Your users' login and sign-up page, this section allows you to select the method of verification when a user first signs up for your app.
  • User's profile, in this section, you can customize what your users can say about themselves.
  • Bubble themes for the chats which are a selection of chat app backgrounds that you can choose from to select the main bubble theme for your app.
  • Invitational Links which are displayed in groups, channels, events, and booking to invite users.


  • Google AdMob, this section will enable you to activate Google Ad Mob in your app.

  • Payment options include PayPal, the most used online wallet in the world, it can be used as a payment gateway in your store or channel where users can submit payments easily.


You can include ready-made bots in your app, you also have the option to build your own bot.


Check out the configurations of the app settings page.