The pages section allows you to create web pages, where you can edit the elements of the page and add pictures, text, or videos. Each page will occupy one tab. You can create multiple pages from scratch or choose from the templates in the app builder and add them to your home or side menu.

Create a New Page

From the home or side menu, click on Pages from the categories section.


Once you have installed your new page by dragging and dropping it in the home or side menu,


You can rename the new page module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it. Click the "Configure" button to open the settings of the module.

pages module

Once you drag and drop the page, you will find it under the "Pages" tab.

new page

You can now drag and drop your page either in the home menu or the side menu.


Configuring Your Page

You will be prompted with the following screen:

page view

The first section is where you can edit the page title and description, add an image and add a background image for the page.

add page info

The second section is about the elements you can insert into your page.


The page builder contains seven elements:

1.) Image Sliders

It shows one image at a time, and you can slide the images by clicking on the right or left arrow to view the next image.


Once you have installed the module, click on the blue plus icon to start adding images.


2.) Text

Displays an editable section where you can display text.

Once it is installed, you can edit the text using the different formats and tools.


3.) Features

The features element allows you to insert multiple pages into one tab.

Once you have installed the module, click on the blue plus icon to start adding pages.


Select the pages and click insert.

You can choose from the pages you created.

my pages

Or from ready-made templates.

page templates

Select the page and click insert.


You can click on the page to configure it.

page configuration

You can also change the order of the page as you wish by dragging the move icon up and down.

moving pages

You can also select the layout from the layout section.


4.) Image Gallery

Displays a grid of images where the user can select one photo to view.


Click on the blue icon to start adding images.

You can also select the layout from the layout section.


5.) Video

Displays a playable video; users can click on the video to play it.


Enter the URL of the video.


6.) Location

Displays a map where the user can know the location that you specify.


Enter the location that you want displayed.


7.) Youtube Playlist

Displays a playlist of videos on YouTube.

Enter the playlist, and the app builder will automatically generate the playlist.


You can also add a YouTube channel.


After you're done, click 'Save'.



You can also choose from different templates on the app builder; you can find more than 20 templates.