The booking module enables users to make reservations for your services, obtain tickets for bookings they have already made, or make bookings and buy tickets for bundles of recurring services.

no of tickets down arrow booking ticket details


You can install these modules in your app in the following places:

  • App's Home Menu ✓
  • App's Side Menu ✓

You can find the booking module in the Booking & Events category. Click or drag and drop the module into your home or side menu to install it.



This module can be duplicated in several sections in your app ✓


1.) Once you have installed the module by clicking or dragging and dropping it in the home or side menu,


You can rename the module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it. Click the "Configure" button to open the settings of the module.

booking module

2.) From the settings, you have the option to include ads in your app using the Google AdMob Module.

Note that you have to install the Google AdMob Module first.

Don't forget to click Save once you are done.

enable ads

Don't forget to click Save.

The booking list will appear like this on your app:

booking list

Must-Have Modules

  • Validation: Allows you to validate tickets generated by nandbox app builder and determine whether they are valid or expired.
  • Redemption: Allows you to redeem tickets generated by nandbox app builder.
  • My Bookings: Displays a list of bookings that the user has made.

Complementary Modules

  • My Calendar: The My Calendar module displays the list of events that the user accepted the invitation to.

Module Walkthrough

Creating a New Booking Product

1.) From the left admin menu, click 'Bookings'.


2.) Click Create to create a new booking.


3.) Add your booking details:

  • Image of your booking
  • Name, description, and your booking's location on the map
booking details

Note that once you enter a location, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of locations to choose from.


Your booking details will be shown on your app like this:

booking details

4.) Next, we will go to your schedule details section:

  • Time slot Duration: set the booking duration of the service you provide in minutes, so for example, if your booking product is a pet grooming service, how long do you want your session to be?
  • Gap between time slots: set the time gap between the two sessions of your service in minutes. For example, if you have two grooming sessions, this will be the time gap you want between them.
  • Set your time zone
  • Choose the days of the holidays when your office won't be open. Click the calendar icon to choose your holidays.
set booking schedule details

5.) The active days are the days that your business will run on; this section allows you to determine when the session begins and ends, so for example, if you provide grooming service every Sunday and Monday, you can set it accordingly:

  • Set your working hours per day
  • Set how many bookings you want your user to make per time slot
  • Set the maximum number you want your user to create
slot details date & time

6.) If you have another service or your business runs two working shifts, you can create another booking window within the same day by clicking the (+) icon

add another slot

7.) Turn the toggle on if you want to provide a booking cancellation option.


8.) You can add a specific Search Filter for your booking. Once done, click 'Save'.

search filters

9.) After saving, the payment section will pop up. Set the price per booking and the currency.

The payment type determines if your users will be billed per session or per bundle of sessions.

  • To charge users per service or session, select Direct Payment.
  • To charge users per bundle of services or sessions, select Balance.

payment type

This is how your payment will look on your app after activating your payment gateways:

payment gateways

10.) Users can also be directed to your booking by scanning the QR code on it, or you can invite your users to check out your booking through Twitter, Facebook, or by sending them a link to join.

QR&invitational links

11.) You can also assign admins to your booking; click the (+) icon

add admin

Choose the admins you want to assign, then click 'Add'

select admin

12.) And after finishing everything, click 'Save'


You can also assign roles from the users tab.

To make sure that your payment is set up successfully in your booking, after saving, go back to your booking by clicking 'View Details'

view details

And you will find that the payment information you added has been reflected in your service slots.

payment info in slot