Web Settings

The web settings allow you to customize the chat experience for users by adding chat backgrounds, primary and secondary colors, and other design elements. This gives your users greater control over how they see their conversation.

How it works

From your left admin menu, you'll find 'Web Settings'

web settings

This is where you can customize your conversations:

user web client settings down arrow user web client settings

All you need to do is go to the web page of your app and scan the QR code to enter your web chat page.

web page

You will be prompt by this web view. Make sure that you joined the channels and chat groups you created in order to view them.

channels view down arrow chats view

Now let's design your chats:

  1. Chat Background Image:

Select a chat background image

chat BG image image uploaded

And it will reflect on all of your chats like this:

chat web view down arrow chat web view
  1. Colors:

Here's where you can customize your chat colors

chat colors

The chat colors consist of six types:

  • Primary Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Chat Background Color
  • Right Bubble Background Color
  • Left Bubble Background Color
  • Primary Text Color

For example, let's say that you changed their colors to these:

changed chat colors

This is where each type of color is shown and represented in your web view.

Note that primary and secondary colors go together to view a gradient color style.

chat group view

You can see the changes happening to your channels too, but since channels don't have a chat background, bubbles or text color, you will only review the primary and secondary colors.

channel view
  1. Menu Option:

Add your web link and a label for it.

menu option

Click the three-dot icon to see your label.

web view label

And don't forget to save in order to submit your changes.