Test your App

Testing your App with TestFlight

Go to your App Store Connect, Click "My Apps".

my apps

You will find your release uploaded successfully. Click on your app.

select my app

Now that you're inside your app profile, click TestFlight.


Click the (+) button of Internal Testing

internal testing

Choose a group name and click "Create". This group is for adding testers to test your app.

create group

Assigning Testers on TestFlight:

After creating your Group, Click "Users and Access" at the top bar.

users and access

On People section, click the (+) button to assign user.

(+) icon

Fill out the New User form:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Assign user's role.
  • Additional resources will be automatically selected according to your added role.
  • Select your app, then click "invite".


Make sure that your testers have installed TestFlight for the testing process. You can enable the Feedback setting if you need your tester’s feedback.
After adding all your users, go back to your newly created group and click the (+) icon to add your testers.

(+) icon

Select your testers and click "Add".

add testers

A verification code will be sent to your tester’s mailbox. TestFlight will also inform them to add the verification code they received. Once added, your app will appear on their devices; click it and start testing.

verification code

After submitting your app on TestFlight, click "Install" to access your app.


Once installed, you’re ready to click "Open" and start testing your app with your testing group.

install & open

After finishing your app's internal testing, once it is done, your app status will be changed to "Ready to Submit", and you can proceed with the next steps.

ready to submit