chat_idStringYesUnique identifier for the target chat or User_id
textStringYesText to send
disable_web_page_previewBooleanOptionalDisables link previews for links in this message
disable_notificationBooleanOptionalSends the message silently. Users will receive a notification with no sound.
reply_to_message_idStringOptionalIf the message is a reply, unique identification for the original (parent) message.
referenceLongYesUnique local identifier for the message.
to_user_idStringOptionalif reply or send message to target user within a group chat or channel, unique identifier of the target user.
echoIntegerOptional1= of sent message
menu_refStringOptionalMenu reference for existing predefined Menu. The menu will be displayed as inline menu associated to the message.
inline_menuArray of MenuOptionalInline menu object to hold menus.If both inline_menu and menu_ref are defined. Priority for inline_menu.
chat_settingsIntegerOptional1= if you want to send to bot chat settings