This object represents an incoming callback query from a callback button within an inline keypad menu associated with a specific message. If the button that originated the query was attached to a message sent by the bot, the field message_id will be present.

button_callbackStringYesCallback Unique identifier as defined by bot.
menu_refStringYesMenu reference
fromUserYesSender User of the message
chatChatYesConversation the message belongs to.
message_idStringYesAssociated message Global Unique identifier where the menu belong to.
referenceLongYesAssociated message Unique local identifier as defined by the bot.
dateLongYesLong date format in milliseconds
next_menuIntegerOptionalThe menu to navigate to it when the button pressed.
button_query_resultButtonQueryResultOptionalReturned inquiry information from app. The field either will return "Location" in form of longitude and latitude respectively as comma separated. "Phone number" depends on the buttonQuery.
button_labelStringOptionalButton label