Quick Start πŸš€

This is a brief guide for using our Websocket APIs to connect your backend system with our servers.


nandbox WebSocket API is a protocol for communication that offers full-duplex channels over a solitary, persistent connection. WebSockets, in contrast to conventional request-response patterns, enable servers and clients to interact without incurring the cost of continuously opening and shutting connections. Through their servers, nandbox WebSocket effectively handles this real-time, bi-directional communication.

You only need to perform the four steps below to get started easily:

Create your nandbox Account

Go to the sign-in page and click on the sign-up button.

sign up

Choose your desired template to start your app with.

Choose template

And click the 'Start with this template' button.

Start with this template

You can sign up directly with Google, or you can enter your information manually and then click 'Sign Up'.

sign up

Build your App

In your nandbox account, navigate to the builder and start creating your app.

app builder

Authorization Token

After finishing your app creation and submitting all your desired features, go to your left admin menu and click 'API & API'.

Bot & API

Click 'Create'.

create bot

then click 'Create a new Bot' to create a bot.

Create a new bot

Insert your bot name, then click 'Save'.

Save bot

Once you've created a bot, you can obtain the API or bot's token by hovering over your bot and clicking 'View Details'.

view details

Click 'Chat with this Bot'.

Chat with this bot

And click "Get token" from the three-dot icon at the top right.

get token

The authorization token and API Server URL link will be sent within the bot chat window. The information will be used to connect your API or bot to the API Server.


As the owner (creator) of the API or bot, you will have a chance to test the bot before publishing. As soon as the bot is tested successfully, you can publish it by pressing the "publish" button. Within 24 hours, the bot will be published and available for public search within your App only.

It is important to know that any change in the bot information will result in the bot being unpublished, and the owner must publish his or her bot again to make it available for public search indexing.

Note that you must replace TOKEN in your bot code with the token you got earlier.