Use this method to send audio files, if you want nandbox clients to display them in the music player. Your audio must be in the .mp3 format. On success, the sent message is returned.


Bots can currently send audio files of up to 50 MB in size, this limit may be changed in the future.

chat_idStringYesUnique identifier for the target chat or User_id
audioStringYesAudio to send. Pass a file_id as String to send an audio that exists on the nandbox server.
performerStringOptionalAudio file performer
titleStringOptionalAudio file title
captionStringOptional"Audio caption 0-256 characters
disable_web_page_previewBooleanOptionalDisables link previews for links in this message.
disable_notificationBooleanOptionalSends the message silently. Users will receive a notification with no sound.
reply_to_message_idStringOptionalIf the message is a reply, unique identification for the original (parent) message.
referenceLongYesUnique local identifier for this message as defined by bot.
to_user_idStringOptionalif reply or send message to target user within a group chat or channel, unique identifier of the target user.
echoIntegerOptional1= repeat message 0= no echo
menu_refStringOptionalMenu reference for existing predefined Menu. The menu will be displayed as inline menu associated to the message.
inline_menuArray of MenuOptionalInline menu object to hold menus.If both inline_menu and menu_ref are defined. Priority for inline_menu.
chat_settingsIntegerOptional1= if you want to send to bot chat settings