Inline Menu

Note that the Inline Menu data type falls under the Message data type.


Each Menu consists of a set of rows. At least one row should be defined.

menu_refStringYesUnique identifier of this Menu as defined by bot.
rowsArray of RowYesRows belong to this menu. Row which is an Array of buttons


Each row belongs to one keypad menu that composes of set of buttons. At least one button should be defined.

buttonsArray of ButtonYesButton belongs to the row.
row_orderIntegerYesRow order in the menu.


This object represents the button for replying. The button must have a button_callback which is the unique identifier defined by bot.

button_callbackStringYesThis is unique identifier as defined by bot. The button_callback returned in inlineMessageCallback and ChatMenuCallback when button pressed.
next_menuMenuOptionalMenu unique identifier that reference the next menu to navigate to it when the button pressed.
button_spanIntegerOptionalButton Span
button_orderIntegerOptionalThe number of button order by ascending
button_text_colorStringOptionalText color of the button Title The color should be in hexadecimal format (Hex triplet ) or according to its common English name. Example : Red color can be set as "RED" or "#FF0000"
button_bgColorStringOptionalButton background color. The color should be in hexadecimal format (Hex triplet ) or according to its common English name. Example : Red color can be set as "RED" or "#FF0000"
button_labelStringOptionalButton label or title.
button_urlStringOptionalButton URL. When button pressed, an external URL link will be opened.
button_queryStringOptionalField used to query information from app, this can take one of two values as follows Location: to ask user to get location or point of map information. Contact : to ask user to get his contact number.
chatChatOptionalChat is a unique identifier that references the specific channel or group to be opened when button is pressed. The user should be a member of the specified channel or group. If button_url and chat are both defined, both will be executed.
nav_typeStringOptional-Null is default to show navigation button for channel, group or contact-Type "admin" for show admin navigation button in chat setting.


This object represents an incoming button query result from a callback button

latitudeStringOptionalOnly sent in case of buttonQuery is location
longitudeStringOptionalOnly sent in case of buttonQuery is location
contactStringOptionOnly sent in case of buttonQuery is phone_number.

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