This object represents a Chat Member user returned in getChatMember, banChatMember, unbanChatMember, removeChatMember and when a user joins or leaves the chat.

userUserYesMember User Unique identifier
chatChatYesChat Unique identifier where member belongs or used to belongs to.
typeStringYes"member" if user is a member, "admin" if user is an admin.
member_sinceTimestampOptionalUnix Epoch timestamp.
statusStringYes"active": where user is an active member in the Chat"deleted" : where user has been deleted from Chat."banned": when user has been banned from Chat."left" : when user left the Chat.
tagsArray of StringOptionalList of tags id if user have tags
account_typeStringOptionalMust have specific privilege from Web (Get User Login ID)Type for which user signup(email , msisdn)
msisdnStringOptionalGet email or msisdn