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Custom feature for bookings

I would like to know about creating a custom booking feature that allows for the following flow: 1) View bio page of practitioner 2) Choose to book a session with the practitioner 3) Link to the practitioners personal Gooogle calendar for available dates 4) To confirm booking, payment must be made first 5) Payment is processed in Stripe (70% to practitioner/30% to company)

Underline or bold on a channel post?

Hi, is there a way to format text in a post on a channel, such as making it bold, italics or underlined? I tried doing ctrl + b, and it makes it bold in the post editor but on the actual app. Any way to do it? Thanks

Icon to send message to admin not working

Hi, there is a button that shows on main posts channel of my app, to allow users to message the channel admin. That button is supposed to be a bubble with a message icon in it. Randomly, that button just is an outline of an octagon, with no background filled in and no icon. Is there any way to fix this - either on my end or yours? Thanks

Change action on swipe for home menus

Hi, by default a user can change between any of the pages on the home menu by either clicking the icon/button on the bottom, or by swiping left or right on the screen. Is there a way to disable that swiping mechanism? Thanks

How to view replies to channel on chat

Hi, for every channel, a user can reply to each post in that channel, or message the channel admin by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right corner. How / where do I view the messages or replies sent in over those chats?

Can I not have a public profile option

Hi, if I am not having chat groups then I can set the app to not have users make a public profile? There is no need for a user to make one or have to set it up if they won't be accessing any chat groups or other forms of user to user communication. Thanks

app bundle signed with wrong key

I tried using the .aab file given to me to upload into Play console but google gives me this error: Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Ensure that your App Bundle is signed with the correct signing key and try again. Your App Bundle is expected to be signed with the certificate with fingerprint: SHA1: 26:F9:AA:73:70:E7:E7:01:F9:50:B6:22:2F:B8:E8:3B:47:F1:C6:D8 but the certificate used to sign the App Bundle you uploaded has fingerprint: SHA1: 68:0B:86:F3:E1:F5:A3:8B:42:AD:F7:10:39:89:F4:8A:E9:7A:B7:8B Any ideas how to fix that?

How to create a demo account in my app?!

Hello! How can I create a demo account in my app? I need it to update my app on Google Play. I have to give some login credentials to GooglePlay Team

What Feature Do You Want to See in Your App?

Is there a feature that you wish was in your app but couldn’t find in nandbox app builder? Now is the time to open up that feature wish list! Submit your feature below and we will work on the features with the most votes and implement them in the next app builder update!