The web-view module gives you the option to include a URL that redirects to a certain page, you can redirect your users to your website, blog, or any page of your choice.

You can install this module in your app in the following places:

  • App's Home Menu ✓
  • App's Side Menu ✓

You can find the web view module in the Essentials category.


Drag and drop the module into your home or side menu to install it.



This module can be duplicated in several sections in your app ✓


1.) Once you installed the module, by dragging and dropping it in the home or side menu, you can rename the module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it.


2.) Click on the gear icon to configure the settings of the module.

3.) Here you can enter the URL that you want to take your clients to, make sure that the link that you enter is a sharable link.


Don't forget to click Save.


Now when any user clicks on this module in your app, they will be redirected to the page you specified.