How Bots Work?

Users can interact with Bots in two ways:

  1. Send messages and commands Bots through a direct chat, by adding them to groups/channels, or associate them to your nandbox Apps. This is useful for example in automated chat Bots or news Bots.

  2. Send requests directly from the input field by typing the Bot's @handle and a query. This allows sending content from inline Bots directly into any chat, group or channel within nandbox Apps.

Messages, commands and requests sent by users are passed to the software running on your servers where Bot is hosted. Our intermediary server handles all encryption and communication with the nandbox Bot for you. You communicate with this server via a WebSocket interface that offers a simplified version of the nandbox Bot.

How do I create a Bot?

Creating a Bot within nandbox is easy. In a few steps, you can configure and publish your new Bots using an interactive menu.

Create Bot within your nandbox App

1.) From the left side menu, Click API and Integrations.


2.) Click Create.


3.) You can create a new Bot by clicking Add New, or choose one from the already implemented by third party vendors offered in the Bot marketplace, as you can add them to your nandbox App and determine their access level to the information within your App.

Add new bot

4.) Insert a name for your Bot, then click Save.

Bot name

5.) Take a round in your Bot's setting and start editting it according to your needs.


6.) And don't forget to Save.


Creating a MailChimp Bot

1.) After clicking Create, choose Mailchimp Bot then click Insert.


2.) Hover over the Bot and click the edit button..


3.) Scroll down, and make sure that you toggle on these two privileges.


4.) Then click Chat with this Bot.

Chat with bot

5.) Type /help in the chatbox.

Activate bot

6.) A message will pop up to activate your Mailchimp Bot [ /activate apikey audienceid]

Activating steps

The API Key and Audience ID will be obtained from your MailChimp account through the following steps:

1.) To get Audience ID, log in to your MailChimp account, and click Audience from the side menu, Then select All Contacts.


2.) From the settings menu, click Audience name and defaults.


3.) Then copy the audience ID.

Audience ID

4.) To get your API Key, go back to your left side menu and click Account & billing.


5.) Go to Extras and select API keys.

API keys

6.) Then click Create A Key to generate one.

Create key

7.) Add a name for your Key then select Generate Key.

Generate key

8.) Don't forget to copy your key and save it for the activation as you won't be able to see it again.

Copy key

9.) Now go back to your Mailchimp Bot and enter \activate apikey audience id, then click Send.


Congrats! You have now successfully activated the MailChimp Bot!

Successful activation

Create API/Bot within nandbox Messenger

1.) From Settings menu, Select "Bot Manager".

Bot manager

2.) Tap "+" to create a new Bot.

create bot

3.) Enter your Bot title [Up to 32 characters].

name bot

4.) Choose your Bot type.

  • Business: if your Bot is associated or will be for use by organization, or business.
  • Individual: if Bot will be for use by individual.
Bot type

5.) Then fill out the required info:

  • Bot Description: a short text of up to 120 characters that describes your Bot. Users will see this text on the Bot's profile page or when they join your Bot. Also, when they share your Bot with someone , this text is sent together with the link.
  • Add an image for your Bot
  • About: a short text of up to 512 characters to describe what your Bot can do or how to use. Users will see this text at the beginning of the conversation with the Bot.
  • Add unique username for your Bot. Unlike others, we protect your business name from being reserved by others bots. Your Bot unique handle will be matching your web domain name. For example, if your business domain name is, your Bot handle will be "xyz".

Then select BOOK.

Bot setting

6.) Now you can configure your Bot's properties:

  • Inline: toggle inline mode for your bot.
  • Private: Private Bot will not appear in Bot index search. Admin must send the Bot link to the user to invite him/her to join the Bot.
bot properties

Filter: select which messages your Bot will receive when added to a group. Choose from "none", "when mentioned", "posts" or "All".

bot filters