Contact List Module


The contact list module syncs your device contact list with your app so you can invite users to download your app, join groups or channels, or send them media.

This module is the best to use if you want to build a Messaging App.


You can install this module in your App in the following places:

  • App's Home Menu ✓
  • App's Side Menu ✓

You can find the contact list module in the Communications category.

Drag and drop the module into your home or side menu to install it.


This module can be duplicated in several sections in your app. ✓

Main Features

The Contact List module comprises 51 features, set as default.

1.) Account Recognition

Enables automatic recognition of the users' contacts by syncing emails and mobile numbers.

2.) Friend List

Shows a list of all the users' contacts on the application, including searching and filtering by recently added.

3.) Contacts

Shows a list of all the contacts on the users' device.

4.) Invite to Download App

For users to invite their contacts to download the app.


1.) Once you installed the module, by dragging and dropping it in the home or side menu, click on the gear icon to configure the settings of the module.

2.) Here you can rename the module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it.

3.) From the settings, you have the option to include ads in your app, using Google AdMob Module.

Note that you have to install Google AdMob Module first.

When you enable ads, you can specify the number of posts after which an ad will appear, note that the minimum number of posts after which an ad can appear is 5.

Don't forget to click save.

4.) To check out the features, click on features.

5.) You can include the invitation link of your app once you publish it so that when you send it to your contacts, they can download it right away.

Must Have Modules

It's better to add these modules to your App's Side Menu (step 3)

  • Calls Log: It shows your app users a log of their recent calls.
  • Audio & Video Calling: It shows your app users a list of their contacts who also use your app.

Complementary Modules

  • Text and Media Messenger: A messenger that allows your users to chat, send photos, videos, voice notes, and files to each other.
  • Direct Chat: A simple tab will be allocated for a direct, one-to-one chat with the user of your choice.

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