Chat Group

Chat Group

Up to 50,000 members can join your app's chat group and enjoy the seamless features of nandbox, including voice memos, multimedia file sharing, and video streaming. There is no limit to the number of chat groups you can create in your app.

You can create group chats for businesses and individuals. With the ability to personalize each group chat with a name, display picture, description, and category classification. The group chat admin can change these details anytime.

You can configure your chat group to be public or private. A public group is the best option if you want to allow anybody to join the group and have members invite other users to join while in the private group, only the chat admin will be able to invite new members to join, with the option to choose the group admins for each group.

There are three modules included:

1.) Groups: Displays the list of all groups that are available on the app.

2.) My Groups: Show the groups that the user has joined.

3.) Chat Group: Opens a chat group where members of the group can interact with each other.

Once you create a group, it will appear in the groups and users will be able to join it, once they do, it will appear to them in the user group.

This module is the best to use if you want to build a Messaging App.


You can install the 'Groups' and the 'Chat Group' module in your App in the following places:

  • App's Home Menu ✓

  • App's Side Menu ✓

    1.) You can find the chat group modules in the social category.


2.) Drag and drop the modules into your home or side menu to install them.xx



This module can be duplicated in several sections in your app.

Main Features

The Chat Group module comprises 67 features, set as default.

1.) Chat

Your app users can chat as well as share images and receive push and in-app notifications.


2.) View Profile

A profile view that shows the user's basic information.


3.) Last Seen

Displays the time of the user's last login in peer-to-peer chats. If the user disables this feature, they won't be able to see other people's last seen status.


4.) Video Trimming

A video editor for trimming videos for a previously recorded clip, and enables re-encoding it to lower quality (compressing), exactly like Whatsapp.


5.) Edit Messages

For users to edit their messages after being sent. The edited messages will be amended accordingly at the users' end, exactly like Telegram.


6.) Recall Messages

An exclusive feature in nandbox, users can delete their sent messages without a time limit, recall their messages anytime.


7.) Invitation QR Codes

For users to subscribe to groups on your app via scanning QR codes.


8.) Ban Users

Allows administrators to kick out specific users from groups or channels created on your app.


9.) Current Location Sharing

For users to share their current locations with other users within your app, exactly like Whatsapp.


10.) In-App Sounds & Vibrations

For users to customize app sounds, vibration, and notification tones, like Whatsapp.



1.) Once you installed the module, (chat group as shown in the image) by dragging and dropping it in the home or side menu, you can rename the module and choose an Android and an iOS icon for it.


2.) Click on the gear icon to configure the settings of the module.


3.) To check out the features, click on features.


Setting a Group

1.) From the settings, you can choose which group to set.


2.) If you do not have a group created, you can create a new one, and click on add new to create a new group.


3.) You can then enter the group name and description.


4.) Once you created the group, you can select it and click on insert.


5.) Don't forget to click save, note that all groups created from the web builder will be public.


Create a Private Group

1.) From a mobile, go to My Groups.


2.) Tap on the ''+'' sign at the top right hand side of the screen.


3.) Tap on Chat Group.


5.) Enter the group name and description.


6.) Select the privacy to private, then tap Done.


Must-Have Modules

It's better to add these modules to your App's Side Menu (step 3)

  • My Groups: It shows your app users the chat groups that they have already joined.
  • Groups: It shows a list of your app's available chat groups for users to join.

Complementary Modules

  • Contacts List: It shows your app users a list of their contacts who also use your app.
  • Direct Chat Module: a simple tab will be allocated for a direct, one-to-one chat with the user of your choice.

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Module Walkthrough

Activating the Chat Group

1.) From the side menu click chat groups.


2.) You can create a new group by clicking create.


3.) A window will appear where you can enter your group name and description.


4.) After you created the group, you can hover over it and click on the edit button to configure it.


5.) You can enter the group image, group name, and description in the first section.


Search Filters

You can also add a search filter which this group can come up under.

First, you have to include the search module in your app.

1.) Click on your side menu, to open the side menu page.


2.) From the categories section, click on essentials.


3.) Drag the search module and drop it in the side menu section.


4.) Next, click on the gear icon to configure the module.


5.) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on setup under the filter option.

6.) You have the option to include up to three filters, these filters can be assigned to any elements like channel, group, booking, or event so that when people search for these filters, the elements can come up.


7.) When you go back to the chat groups from the side menu.

8.) Hover over the group and click edit.


9.) You can assign the filter under which this channel will come up.


Splash Screen

You can also add a splash screen to your group, which includes an image, title, and description, you can also change the button text and colors associated with it.

A splash screen is an introductory graphical screen that shows an explanatory message when you first install an app, it can also be displayed when a user first enters a group or a channel.

Which will look something like this:


Click setup to configure the splash screen.

You can also prevent your users from leaving the group by toggling on this button.


Users can also join a group by scanning the QR for your group.


You can also assign admins to a specific group.


Invite your users to join the group through Twitter, Facebook, or by sending them a link to join.


You can also set a welcome message to your users when they join the channel, click on set message, and set it up.


Edit the message and click save.


Don't forget to save your changes after you finish the configuration.